Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In memory of Chris

Will appear in Deseret News, the SL Tribune, and online tomorrow (Thursday)
Thank you again to the generosity of the Hutchin's Family for allowing me this tribute to Chris.


Josie & Jas said...

This is one of the most genuinely heart felt obituary I've ever read. Just beautiful and so like Chris!! Yay! What a wonderful tribute. It's perfect :)

Colette said...

... perfect in every way. :)

Ashley Z. said...

So beautifully written!

Fleck Family said...

Wonderfully written. I am grateful for contributions to allow you to write it so wonderfully. *hugs*

brigette said...

What a wonderful tribute to am amazing man!! Your sweet family is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the paper and just wanted to reach out. Chris was Boston's first Jr. Jazz basketball coach. We are so appreciative of him as that is where Bost first developed a love for basketball. Chris was a great coach and a great man who I know will be missed by many.
Sending our love to your family.
-Cody and Brandi Frandsen Family

Anonymous said...

To dear the Wach Family.
Elder Ryan wach was serving in Tasmania in Glenorchy ward and he told us about this I am so sorry for your loss. if you guys need any help or anything or just want to talk my email is 0487488068 or
I love you guys and Chris is so proud of you and he is looking down on you all the tie and heavenly father is looking after him for you.
Love sister blackwell